The Hellenic Cast-iron Industry owns a foundry complex which is fully equipped with moulding presses, carrying straps, silos, sheaves, mixers, vibrators, portal cranes, etc as well as a chemical laboratory equipped with all the appliances and control instruments necessary for measuring raw material and the production mixture (cast-iron).

Also, we have a turnery which is equipped with lathes, milling machines, drills, grinderies, and a montage and hydraulic trial complex.

A main advantage of our company is the ability to design and manufacture models at our facilities, and this makes it possible for us to satisfy even the special needs of our clients.

Finally, thanks to our supermodern electrostatic coating system, our company takes steps ahead, applying the epoxy electrostatic coating in order to ensure the absolute protection of its molten items from erosion as well as the excellent appearance of its products. The dyes we use are environment-friendly and safe for drinkable water.